Aquamarine Fukushima

The Aquamarine Fukushima (AMF) opened its doors in 2000 after twelve years of planning. Its mission is to teach visitors about ocean organisms, and to promote lifelong learning that is deeply rooted in the local community. Tenji has been continuously involved in the AMF’s growth and planning since 2001, helping the facility design multiple displays, including its Evolution of Life in the Seas exhibit and the Kids Fisheries Museum, which opened in 2010. The AMF closed temporarily in March 2011 after the earthquake and tsunami caused the aquarium to lose power, halting oxygenation of tanks. Although the AMF lost about 200,000 fish and shellfish, it rejuvenated its extensive collection of various fish species, reopening in July 2011. Over multiple phases Tenji is assisting Japanese biologists and designers develop a new, large outdoor expansion, the theme of which is Satoyama, the harmonic existence of humans and nature.


Client Type
  • Public Aquarium
  • Children's Museum

Exhibit Type
  • Jellyfish
  • Touch Tank
  • Habitat
  • Jewel Tank

Project Type
  • Design

Water Type
  • Saltwater