Headlands Institute

Every year over 10,000 children and over 230 schools experience the Headlands Institute’s programs. The students and teachers are treated to hands-on nature experiences at this wonderful wide-open space, a setting with trails, classrooms, energetic camp counselors/teachers, and the marine lab Tenji built.  The lab consists of a habitat aquarium and long water table, and it holds 25 different species of living sea creatures, such as starfish and tiny crabs. The Institute, located in the rolling hills outside of Sausalito, has offered such experiences to students since 1977.


Client Type
  • Public Aquarium
  • Science Museum
  • Education Center
  • Research Laboratory

Exhibit Type
  • Touch Tank
  • Habitat

Project Type
  • Design
  • Build
  • Remodel

Water Type
  • Saltwater