LL Bean

Tenji and L.L. Bean opened the Riverbed Aquarium to the public in the fall of 2007.  About a million people a year visit the 20-foot 3,500 gallon freshwater aquarium, which displays rainbow trout, brook trout, Atlantic salmon, and brown trout.  Underwater photographs of Maine fishing holes were translated into concept sketches. Sculptors and artists made silicone molds of real Maine rocks to create convincing fiberglass fakes for the aquarium.  A computer monitors water temperature and oxygen levels, automatically correcting anything out of balance.  Tenji designed and wrote all the graphic panels and education materials.

Read the DownEast Magazine article about the design and fabrication of the LL Bean Riverbed aquarium in A River Runs Through It.


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Client Type
  • Retail

Exhibit Type
  • Habitat

Project Type
  • Design
  • Build

Water Type
  • Freshwater