Toledo Zoo Remodel

The Tenji team is glad to be working with the renowned Toledo Zoo to create a custom dump bucket for their Northeast Pacific Community exhibit.

The dump bucket holds 22 gallons of water and has been set to dump its load every 45-60 seconds. Due to the constant movement of the unit, the dump bucket was built using heavy duty schedule 80 welded PVC plate for the body, Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) supports and 316 Stainless Steel pipe for the axle.

The principle sounds simple, but producing a smooth and trouble free unit takes substantial design and testing.

Here is how it works.  An inner bucket with an overhanging lip is suspended on a stainless steel axle on blocks of Teflon.  When the inner bucket fills above the axle, the center of gravity shifts and the entire contents of the bucket dump into the exhibit below. The cycle then repeats.



Client Type
  • Public Aquarium
  • Zoo

Exhibit Type
  • Habitat

Project Type
  • Design
  • Build
  • Remodel

Water Type
  • Freshwater